“How Do I Look in this Dress?” – webseries

In Episode 1 (Pilot), we’re introduced to our support group of clueless young men and their guru-in-the-ways-of-women, James Underhill. Three significant others have asked their men to comment on their new dresses, and the men fail miserably. They either try to dodge the question outright or give answers like, “Honey, you can pull off anything.” James gives them the secret, never-failing right answer.

Starring, in order of appearance:

:: Chelsea LaSage
:: Arthur Lazalde
:: Paul Young
:: Edward Brence
:: Alexandra Kopko
:: Collen Doyle
:: Lucy Gillespie
:: Dylan Combs
:: Brenan Grant


Co-Produced by Red Dancer, Tiger Belly, & One Forest Films

Written by Gordon Farrell

Directed by Tatiana Gelfand

Cinematographer, Jonathan Arevalo

Editors, David Uscinski & Tatiana Gelfand

Composer, Shane Searles