Scotch and Madness

Premiered February 20th, 2020 at the Alleyway Theatre


with dramaturgy by Gordon Farrell, Samantha Merchant

Semi-farcical, semi-hallucinatory play about a phone counselor’s descent into madness on Xmas eve.


“Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking… Scotch and Madness is an entertaining foray into one ordinary man’s complex and tormented mind… that will make you wonder what’s going on in the mind of the person sitting next to you in the theater or at the next table in the restaurant…”
Ann Marie Cusella, Buffalo Vibe

“In the story’s graceful movement through space and time, or its fluctuations between consciousness and unconsciousness… the play’s freewheeling game of association is not immediately apparent to the audience. The layers of communication and thwarted communication in the play are intriguing…
Through [a] Japanese ritual, intended to bestow blessings on an entire community, Fred learns that it is not the individual events of his life that are most important. It is not the stops along the way that matter most.  What matters is the journey itself as we travel to the top of life’s metaphoric hill.
Three out of four stars!”
Anthony Chase, Buffalo News

“At a certain point reality seems to just slip away… becom[ing] more and more bizarre… [in] the workings of this rather sophisticated play…”
Theater Talk on WBFO Radio

“Compelling! An excellent cast [and] memorable characters!”
Peter Hall, Buffalo Rising Magazine

A Red Productions co-production with Alleyway Theatre

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