“Do You Know What Today is?”

In Episode 2, After fuming over the fact that their girlfriends will take an important  date and turn it into a guessing game, the men in our support group reluctantly reveal how they tried to answer this question and found themselves in deep shit for not remembering an “important occasion.” One of them even said, “Of course I do. It’s your birthday — right?” It wasn’t.



Starring, in order of appearance:

:: Chelsea LaSage
:: Arthur Lazalde
:: Paul Young
:: Edward Brence
:: Alexandra Kopko
:: Collen Doyle
:: Lucy Gillespie
:: Dylan Combs
:: Brenan Grant


Co-Produced by Red Dancer, Tiger Belly, & One Forest Films

Written by Gordon Farrell

Directed by Tatiana Gelfand

Cinematographer, Jonathan Arevalo

Editor, Tatiana Gelfand

Composer, Shane Searles