Why the Hell is She Asking Me That?!

A Web Series Created by Gordon Farrell and Tatiana Gelfand


“Why The Hell Is She Asking Me That?!” is a comedy series about a support group for men in their twenties who have decided for the first time they want their relationships to really work.

But they don’t know how to live with women, how to talk with women — or how to answer the crazy questions women ask without making their lover want to dump them on the spot.


Starring, in order of appearance:

:: Chelsea LaSage
:: Arthur Lazalde
:: Paul Young
:: Edward Brence
:: Alexandra Kopko
:: Collen Doyle
:: Lucy Gillespie
:: Dylan Combs
:: Brenan Grant
:: Adam P. Murphy
:: Angelina Delcarmen

Co-produced by Red Dancer, Tiger Belly, and One Forest Films
Written by Gordon Farrell
Directed by Tatiana Gelfand

Cinematographer, Jonathan Arevalo
Editors, David Uscinski & Tatiana Gelfand
Composer, Shane Searles



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