the SOMA Salon

the Soma Salon: an Artists’ Showcase, in the heart of San Francisco.

An art salon that is open to the public — in the style of artists’ gatherings of eras gone by. Here we bring together performing artists, dancers, musicians, poets, writers, surrealist painters, and all the discontented demimonde to drink, dance, and share their work.


“Birth, Death and Parties”

:: Thursday, January 22nd, 6:30p – 10:30p

The SOMA SALON is back! On January 22nd, 2015, Join us for the third SOMA SALON –
in the intimate setting of the home of two San Francisco-based artists!

We will Showcase two new plays (actually just a lucky bite-sized slice of each)


Other notable performers include musicians, poets, and all-around interesting persons, in one evening of ethereal bliss -and potentially some spritzer.

There will be food, drinks and of course, new art. And for the first time, SOMA SALON will feature an open mic. Join us to celebrate the power of creativity to engage our past, present, and (I know, I know) our future.

What: the Soma Salon: an Artists Showcase, in the heart of San Francisco.

When: January 22nd (Thursdays), 6:30p – 10:30p

Where: An Edwardian Artists’ Apartment near Alamo Sq, in SF
(exact location to be revealed)

Featured Theatrical Showcases:

HEARD IT HEAR FIRST is a fleet-footed, modern-beatnik deconstruction of meditation, sex, performance, gender dynamics, love, and the need to spontaneously burst into song. It is not a musical, but a work of theater that can only really be described as ‘this is why you still need theater’-ish.

DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT brings to the stage real stories of individuals as they struggle to make sense of their first-hand experience with death.
This new play in development combines scripted work with actor improvisation – as it fiercely explores what happens when we take the risk to share our most taboo stories in moments of intimacy.

Featured Performances by:

  • Gabriel Bellman – published poet reads his poetry and spoken word
  • Luigi Silverman – singer/songwriter performs original, yet unheard songs

There is no cover but this Party is by invite only. Please RSVP with your name and guests’ names.
Location will be revealed via email closer to the date. Email thesomasalon [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com to RSVP.
* Please give the full name of the artist who invited you. *




Spring Night Salon

May 31st, 2012 at Million Fishes Art Collective (2003 – 2013)


Act one of “Scotch and Madness” –
On Christmas eve, a crisis counselor, while in the middle of helping a client, spirals off into a crisis of his own

Starring: Matthew Keuter, Lily Brindley

with: Mimi Falco, Timothy Balcer

Written by: Paul Jensen & Tatiana Gelfand
Produced & Directed by: Tatiana Gelfand

Featured Performances by:

  • Aoede – Aoede’s Fairy Tale Love Song Cycle (book, video, live performance)- a sneak preview
  • Gaia Collective – The Gaia Collective’s mission is to shift reality with music.
  • KC Wilder – fauxbrow poet performs his witty & humorous poetry
  • Rich DDT (of LoveTech) – Live electronic music performance from field recordings on his custom-built ControlliTAR
  • Sara Judge – original singer & songwriter, in the tradition of troubadours with attitude.

Surrealist Paintings by

 LAUNCH PARTY of the SOMA Salon,
:: with a theatrical showcase, Live Music for all ears, DJ’s and dancing ::

August 4th, 2011 at S.P.A.C.E


Scenes from  “The Red Anthology”
Based on the true stories of real women & their breakthroughs.

Starring: Geo Epsilanty, Liddy Freeman, Haley Koch, Holly Labus, & Nancy Ma

Written by: Gordon Farrell
Produced & Directed by: Tatiana Gelfand

Featured Performances by:

* DANIEL BERKMAN – on Gravikord, the 21st century electric double harp (danielberkman.bandcamp.com)

* RICH DDT (of LoveTech) – live electronic music on his ControlliTAR (www.richddt.com)

* MARIANNA ELISE FERRIS – Chanteuse sings her own original material (www.mariannaland.com)

* MARILYN MCNEAL – Raw folk on self-made instruments (http://marilynmcneal.com/)

Inside an underground performance space in SOMA.